Our Furniture

When it comes to our furniture, we have all types and options to choose from so you’re not just stuck on a one-item-fits-all for your space. Our business is about diversity and giving you uniquely crafted furniture that fits what you like.

All Types of Furniture

From different design types such as shape, width, length and height, to a rainbow of colors to match any color scheme in your house.

We also pair our furniture in room groups like bedroom, office and kids’ furniture so that you’re not walking around in circles trying to find exactly what you need. You can either purchase furniture in a set or individually. We even sell vases, curtains, lamps, comforters, bed sheets, and decorative pillows to add the finishing touches to your furniture and living space. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, then contact us as we’ll find and order the item for you. Due to the pandemic, some furniture might be delayed as shipping times are longer than normal.

For more information on our products, prices, financing options and shipping details, give us a call at 314-382-1200 or visit our showroom today! To see our full line of our room groups and furniture brands, click the links below.